Data and Voice

4G Europe

Cover call throughout the European Union

European number allows you
to make and receive local calls.

    Support: SP: +55-11-4861-6778 / RJ: +55-21-3861-6478


    See below the plan characteristics:
    4G Speed

    4G/LTE Speeds

    All of our plans have fast 4G/LTE speeds.



    We also have plans with fixed availability in 10, 20 or 30 days. These plans will not be sold in any other configuration.


    4G Limit

    Our 30 days plans don't have a 4G data usage limit.
    The 10 days plans have a 4G data usage limit of the 10GB and the plans with 20 days have 20GB.
    After this limits, your speed will be a 3G.

    Local number

    Local number

    Your SIM card will have an additional european local number. That number can make and receive local calls.



    You can purchase the router option to share your connection.
    The 30 days plan doesn't share de data limit.

    Tripple SIM Card

    Multi size SIM card: Standard, Micro and Nano

    You'll receive a triple size SIM card that fits perfectly all types of phone devices.

    EasySIM4U App

    Unlimited International Calls

    Make and/or receive calls to Brazil on exclusive EasySIM4U app.

    Unlimited International Calls

    The Easysim4u app makes it possible to make calls to any number in Brazil, as well as to receive calls from any number from Brazil, without any additional local, long distance or international phone charges.


    Available only to be delivered in Brazil.

    Before you buy see the coverage area

    After activating the chip, be careful with countries like Switzerland, Turkey, Andorra, Montenegro or any other that does not appear in the list of countries with coverage. The use of the chip in these areas will automatically cancel it and no refund will be possible.

    For more information, access our Usage terms