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data-only plan

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    The plan "Dados Mundi" is the best to who needs the internet access to your business or leisure travel.

    Share your best moments in social networks or send the last minute work email, the plan "Dados Mundi" will help you.

    See below the plan characteristics:
    4G Speed

    4G/LTE Speed

    With MUNDI GLOBAL 4G devices can present data navigation within 2G, 3G e 4G/LTE. There is no guarantee of 4G/LTE.*



    We have plans between 5 to 30 days according to your needs.



    Data-only plan, unlimited data. No phone calls and no SMS.

    Tripple SIM Card

    Multi size SIM card: Standard, Micro and Nano

    You'll receive a triple size SIM card that fits perfectly all types of phone devices.

    EasySIM4U App

    Unlimited International Calls

    Make and/or receive calls to Brazil on exclusive EasySIM4U app.

    Unlimited International Calls

    The Easysim4u app makes it possible to make calls to any number in Brazil, as well as to receive calls from any number from Brazil, without any additional local, long distance or international phone charges.


    Antes de realizar a compra consulte a área de cobertura dos planos.

    Você não conseguirá utilizar o chip para fazer ou receber ligações nem SMS, pois este plano não disponibiliza nenhum número telefônico.

    Para demais informações consulte os nossos Termos de utilização